Aylsham (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

aylsham The John Soame Memorial Pump, Aylsham, Norfolk. Thanks to Val and Steve Muir for the photos. It carries an inscription which reads:
Before the event of a public water supply in 1938, water had to be drawn from private wells. After John Soame's death in 1911, a public well was given to the town by his uncle. The artesian well is 52 metres (170 ft) deep and its roof is thatched with Norfolk reed.
Markings: None other reported.

Manufacturer: Unk.

aylsham At St. Mary's Church, Aylsham. Thanks to Val and Steve Muir for the photo on the left, and to Jackie Turner for the one on the right, which shows that by 2018 the pump had been spruced up and brought back to working condition.

Markings: Not quite discernible in the photo.

Manufacturer: Unk  
aylsham, 2018