Bloxworth (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

[Thanks to Shawn Shaw for all the photos.]

bloxworth, 2017 Bloxworth, Dorset.

Markings: Just an "R" on the lead tank.

Manufacturer: Unk.
bloxworth, 2017

bloxworth, 2017 Also in Bloxworth, Dorset.

Markings: "PARRY", "2½" and, on the other side of the barrel, some very indistinct words which could just be "BRITISH MAKE"

Manufacturer: Parry.
bloxworth, 2017

bloxworth, 2018 At the Lodge at Bloxworth, Dorset. This old lead pump has been crudely modified to take a second "nose", and the original nose extended in a similarly unsympathetic manner.

Markings: The fancy embossed outline on the lead tank contains no markings.

Manufacturer: Unk.
bloxworth, 2018

bloxworth, 2018 Also at the Lodge at Bloxworth, Dorset. bloxworth, 2018
The Lodge was the rectory of Rev George Pickard in his day. "Upon succeeding to a cousin's estate in 1848 the family subsumed the name Cambridge to become the Pickard-Cambridge family. His 5th son Octavius followed his father as Rector of Bloxworth and Winterborne Thomson and was a renowned expert in the field of spiders." A field of spiders... hmm.
Markings: "G.P", "1825" and two floral motifs.

Manufacturer: Unk.