Burnham Market (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

burnham market Burnham Market, Norfolk. Thanks to John Hurst for the photo.

Markings: A highly-corroded nameplate with clues that it might be an Appleby plate.

Manufacturer: Probably Appleby's.

burnham market, 2014 On The Green at Burnham Market, this pump has a severe crack. Thanks to Joan Deane for the photos.

Markings: A panel carrying the words "A.W.BARNHAM ENGINEER WALSINGHAM." and a hint of a trademark on the casting.

Manufacturer: The pump displays the characteristics of a Lee Howl model, installed by A. W. Barnham.   
burnham market, 2014

burnham market, 2017 Also at Burnham Market. Thanks to Bob Taylor for the photos.

Markings: An apparently incomplete commemorative plaque on the pump reads:
burnham market, 2017

Manufacturer: Unk.