Holkham (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

The Holkham estate abounds with pumps - a double pump in the car park just off the main A149 coast road, another deeper within the estate village, and there's a collection of hand pumps within the Pump Room, which now forms part of the museum. The Pump Room is so named because it houses a massive industrial size twin barrel cranked pump which was driven by a large electric motor (and which therefore is by no stretch of the imagination a "Village Pump").

holkham This unusual pump is in the car park behind "The Ancient House". The twin-layered wooden-tiled roof includes decorative holes for birds' nests.

holkham There are in fact two completely separate pumps under the canopy, each with its own handle and spout. The original and older one is contained within the supporting pillar, and has a lead spout and a fulcrum that has broken free of its mounting, but nothing else is visible below its operating rod. The other pump - see right - when we first visited was contained within some wooden boxing that was attached to the pillar, although that boxing had gone when we checked again in 2015. The small lift & force pump has some remains old sacking wrapped around it, as lagging.

Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Unk.
holkham holkham

holkham This pump sits under a substantial thatched shelter in the estate village, but is not the original pump at this location. It reportedly came from nearby Rose Cottages, west of the village, and was moved to its present site when Rose Cottages went onto mains water.

Markings: "CORNISH WALSINGHAM" on the pump top.

Manufacturer: Henry Cornish of Walsingham.

holkham This chain pump, complete with semi-exposed chain and labelled a slurry pump, sits within the Pump Room.

Markings: There are some trademarks located on the side of the pump which is up against the wall. Through the use of a hand mirror one can just about make out a probable Lion and a possible British Standard Kite Mark. (Kite Marks were first used in 1903.)

Manufacturer: Probably Joseph Evans.

holkham A large yard pump in the museum, with some similarity to one at Brancaster.

Markings: "CORNISH WALSINGHAM" on thepump top.

Manufacturer: Henry Cornish of Walsingham.

holkham A small Colonial pump in the museum, labelled "Kitchen Pump".

Markings: Flag.

Manufacturer: Lee Howl.

holkham, 2015 A semi-rotary, lost amongst one of the yet-to-be-renovated frames in the walled garden. A poor photo, focussed on a twig in front of the pump!

Markings: Indecipherable.

Manufacturer: Unk.