St. Martin (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

la villette This one's at La Villette, Rue de la Villette, St. Martin, and painted the same blue colour as Guernsey's postboxes. Easily missed behind the pump is an information plate. la villette
Markings: Flag, and "3".

Manufacturer: Lee Howl.

greenlands One of two pumps at a cottage on La Motte, St. Martin.
Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Unk.

greenlands In the front garden of the same cottage on La Motte, St. Martin, is this small pump, with a trademark which - so far - is unique. greenlands
Markings: a roundel with the words "Evans Brand, England" written around "Colwell" and with an "E" in the centre. On the other side of the pump is the number "4".

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.

bella luce The lift and force pump mounted on a plank in the grounds of the Bella Luce Hotel, St. Martin, had a strong bow mechanism, but by 2018 the pump had gone.
Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Unk.

la pompe In the grounds of a house aptly named "La Pompe", in La Ruette de la Pompe, St. Martin - which incidentally has some excellent self-catering holiday cottages for rent. The lead tank is embossed with: la pompe
 An eagle on its nest
Two rose heads
Compare this with the pump at Route de la Rocque Poisson, Torteval - the tank decoration is almost identical, and the spout/stopcock is the same.
Markings: The brass spout/stopcock carries the stamped words "Llewellins & James, Bristol".

Manufacturer (at least of the spout): Llewellins & James, of Bristol.

les mouilpieds At a farm in Les Mouilpieds, St. Martin. les mouilpieds
Markings: The spout carries what looks like the word "INSTON", although too far away to be certain.

Manufacturer: The name "H. Inston" is reported to feature on a pump at Mutton Hall, Redditch.

fosse de bas On Le Fosse de Bas, St. Martin.

Markings: There's a date, but only "18.." can be made out from this angle.

Manufacturer: Unk.

le fosse de bas Further down Le Fosse de Bas, St. Martin, this pump has problems. le fosse de bas
Markings: Some numbers on the spout and a "6" on the barrel.

Manufacturer: Unk.

ruette rabey On Ruette Rabey, St. Martin.

Markings: Flag and "MADE IN ENGLAND".

Manufacturer: Lee Howl.

le vallon Le Vallon, St. Martin. le vallon
Markings: The lead tank carries a date, 1828, and is decorated with a lion couchant guardant, two scallop shells, and (possibly) two fleurs de lys.

Manufacturer: Unk.

saints farm Saints Farm, Icart Rd, St. Martin. By 2016, the pump had gone.

Markings: Lettering on the lead tank, but not decipherable from a distance.

Manufacturer: Unk.

Route des Cornus, St. Martin, 2018 A very smart lift & force pump on Route des Cornus, St. Martin.

Markings: Flag and "2½".

Manufacturer: Lee Howl.